D.C. Dog Runner is a Professional Dog Running Service founded to promote health and fitness through vigorous exercise.  We will teach your dog how to run with you, or take them out while you are at home or away.  We are experienced, trained runners who provide your pets with the workout they want and need.  Our service provides both mental and physical health.  We currently service Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia.


Running Helps With


Hyperactivity | Aggressiveness | Destructiveness | Building Muscle | Reducing Fat | Building Endurance | Reinforcing Obedience




Take advantage of our FREE consultative run to check for fitness and temperament.  It gives us the chance to meet and for you to ask any questions, or give any special instructions regarding your pet.  This is a no cost way to make sure we deliver on our promise. We'll take a quick spin around the neighborhood to make sure that we get along and respond well to each other. It's the first step in building on our new relationship! 

These sessions are typically scheduled during the evening or on weekends when owners are usually available, but we are happy to do it whenever!

From here we can determine if s\he is ready to run or would benefit from our walking to running program while they build up endurance. We've run with 50+ dogs in the DMV and have learned that dogs like humans may need to be worked in to shape. Get Started Today!