Services & Rates

30 Minute Run

short warm-up walk

30 minute run

short cool-down walk




Hour Adventure Run

short warm-up walk

1 hour run - Rock Creek Park

short cool-down walk




Nature Hike

Drive 1 hour to Virginia

2 1/2 hour nature hike

Drive 1 hour back home


Next Hike: Feb 6, 2016

* Discount for any service 5 times per week & multiple dogs per house.

Above & Beyond


As you can tell we're all about keeping things simple.  Bathroom breaks, water re-fills, treats (as directed by parents), and other common tasks associated are provided for no extra fee.

After the run our customers receive a note with details about the run.  We include distance, route information, and any other pups we encountered while out. It will bring a smile to your face knowing what your pooch was up to while you were hard at work.


Running with the pack.

Running with the pack.